Courtesy of the Asbury Park Public Library

Courtesy of the Asbury Park Public Library

Courtesy of the Asbury Park Public Library




Timeline of the Asbury Park boardwalk carousel


Asbury Park Carousel #87 Timeline


1899 -Henry B. Auchy formed The Philadelphia Carousel Company with partner Louis Berni.


Henry B. Auchy, PTC President 1904-1922


1904 – the Philadelphia Toboggan Company was founded and established by Henry  B. Auchy and Chester Albright.


1907 – Philadelphia Toboggan Company began numbering the center poles of their carousels. This feature has made PTC Carousels the easiest to trace.


1922 – Henry B. Auchy passes away and Herbert P. Schmeck takes over PTC. During his tenure 1922-1954, Asbury Park Carousel # was built, but the company turns its focus to building roller coasters.


Herbert P. Schmeck – President from 1922 to 1954


1920-1932 – Paramount Theater, Casino and the Casino Carousel House were erected during this time.


1930 – Asbury Park Carousel #87 was built (the last that PTC built).


1932- Carousel #87 installed in the Casino Carousel House structure, designed by the New York Beaux-Arts architect Whitney Warren  (Whitney Warren & Charles Wetmore are designers of Grand Central Station in NYC).


1980s – original wooden horses auctioned out and replaced by the fiberglass horses, however, at least the outside horses if not the whole carousel were made from the original cast.


October 28, 1990 – last day of Carousel #87 in Asbury Park – mechanism together with the horses sold to Family Kingdom Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach, SC.


1990-1992 – restoration process on Carousel #87.


1992 – Family Kingdom Amusement Park opens doors with 30+ rides including Asbury Park Carousel #87.




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